Attorney General of California had filed a civil lawsuit against one of the University regarding Bridgepoint Education. Attorney General Xavier Becerra argues that Bridgepoint Education actively involved in unlawful marketing acts such as sales and collection of debt practices. Ashford University by unethical means mislead its students in their reflective essay nursing educational prospects. The administration of the Ashford did false promises with students by giving arguments over discipline offenders. One of the admission counselor of Ashton University continuously making people fool from last eight months regarding financial aid, but top management only give him a written warning on such offenses. Prosecutors delivering their comments over the saddled behaviour of students which shows that they cannot afford any additional cost or expenses about tuition fee. But when students failed to fulfill the criteria of bearing additional cost, Ashton University used abusive tactics in order to collect fees from students.

After the Attorney General’s investigation have been completed, Ashford University agreed to pay the debt amount of more than $24 million to its students which Bridgepoint charge regarding loan and related expenses. After the Settlements, Consumer Protection Bureau suspect that Ashton University found guilty in misleading its students and suggest that the company will pay them at least $25 a month. Before this respective settlement, Dept. of Education order Bridgepoint to pay a fine as they found guilty in distributing of loans and grants to students above than the law said. However, in present times, the administration of Trump give more relaxation in rules and regulations especially to non-profit enterprises which is the main reason in struggle of students.

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