Rutgers president says anti-Semitic remarks by professors protected by ‘academic freedom’

The President of Rutgers University defending professors at school premises who have been blamed for anti-Israel remarks which falls under the category of academic freedom.  President of the University “Robert Barchi” during one of the meeting at town hall, addressed the issues regarding jokes which some of the professors made against Israel. He argues that professor Michael Chikindas posted online blogs regarding Judaism, Jewish Women and homosexuality. However, Barchi said that this particular online post is a protected speech, so there is nothing has been found on which the action should be taken against the teacher.

Further, Barchi also defends one of the well-respected scholar “ Jasbir Puar” who recently wrote a book against Israeli Defense which have an aim to take control of Palestine. President of the Rutgers University gives his opinion that every member of the society has the right of speech and academic freedom. He clarifies that the stories which people often heard in media, there is a story behind it. While talking to Fox News, Barchi defend his pool of professors by arguing that Rutgers speech and academic freedom is very much clear as staff members of the University are free to express their opinions in public and other forums.

In concluding remarks, Barchi said that online posts on social media regarding Anti-Semitic comments plays negative role in showing the respect to all backgrounds especially Jewish community. And produce essay writing service.

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